Heichi Magazine

Heichi is a Chinese-English bilingual online magazine dedicated to the writing and discussion of art criticism, emphasizing the independent and contemplative voices of its contributors. We take inspiration from the term heichi, literally “black tooth” or “black teeth,” in several ways. Heichi was the name of an ancient country first recorded in the Classic of Mountains and Seas: “Here is Blacktooth Country. The great god Foremost gave birth to Black Tooth. The people of Blacktooth Country took the family name of Fierce. They are millet-eaters, and they control the four birds.” Heichi also refers to an ancient medical practice, the custom of blackening the teeth to prevent cavities and symbolize religious purification.


In this spirit, our magazine illuminates the obscure while venturing into lands unknown. Heichi neither claims an origin nor pursues lost traditions; it considers alternative perspectives on art’s relation to politics and society, spirituality and technology, the beautiful and the grotesque. We invite and commission writers, curators, scholars, and artists to engage with objects, spaces, and people to find the details—the black teeth—hidden within contemporary culture.


A new bilingual essay will be uploaded to the site every week, primarily in the form of art criticism and commentary. The essays are limited to 2,500 Chinese characters to allow the writers enough space for depth and specificity while preserving the readability of the text. We value well-written texts and pay 2,500 RMB (pre-tax) per essay, which we hope will offer a new paradigm for the art writing industry that supports a sustainable lifestyle for writers.


Editorial Team
Editors: Zian Chen, Yuan Fuca, Qianfan Gu
English editor: Mike Fu
Guest editor: Xiaoyu Weng (e-flux in Chinese column)
Assistant editor: Yujian Chen, Baichao Chen

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Studio Pianpian He & Max Harvey